Jaki Graham is a unique entertainer – her down-to-earth approach to life and compassion for others, combined with a powerful and inspirational voice and visual impact on stage, have made her one of the most appealing and enduring Soul entertainers to emerge from the UK.

Jaki made her singing debut at the school’s Christmas talent contest with Michael Jackson’s Ben and won with a clear victory. From then on, it was only a matter of time before she would sign her first record deal.

Unlike so many of her 80’s contemporaries, Jaki’s hits have remained fresh, uncomplicated and modern. Set Me Free remains an ageless pop classic to this day after rocketing to No.7 in the British charts in May ’86, an anthem of that era.

Breaking Away followed and offered her first location shoot abroad.

It also charted at a respectable No.14 in August ‘86. Step Right Up brought Jaki back to her trademark high energy, up tempo pop hits and gave her yet another Top 20 hit in November ‘86.

Jaki received an Honorary Doctorate in Music from the University of Wolverhampton in recognition of her Outstanding International Contribution to R&B, Soul and Dance.

Also, recently joining forces with Paul Wayne Gregory chocolates, a world leading Artisan and bespoke chocolatier(www.paulwaynegregory.com), we will see her own exclusive range launched alongside her forthcoming Autobiography Heaven Knows.

As Jaki celebrates over 40 years in the industry, one thing is clear, her voice and music remain unforgettable as well as timeless classics. Her life represents so
much to so many different people. Her story is an inspiration and her resilience and strength of character gives hope and strength to worldwide facing similar struggles.

No matter where you’re from or what struggles you may have encountered, it is for this reason that Jaki has amassed a fan base from all walks of life. Her ability to become the conqueror rather than the victim makes her an attractive role model.

Her music embodies people with a positive energy and inner strength and her voice has united and embraced nations and cultures worldwide. Of all people, Jaki would be the one who would least see these special gifts in herself. In her own words… “I’m nothing unique…. I’m nothing special… .I’m just Jaki and I’m still here darlin!”


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